The Empire of Garnacha

OUR ASSETS: 5000 Ha. of Garnacha


The vine-growing assets of the “Campo de Borja” D.O. are very rich as regards “garnachas”. The oldest vineyards of the D.O. date back to 1145 and more than 2,000 of the 5,000 hectares of Garnacha are between 30 and 50 years old. The production is not high, but wine wise it is held in high esteem, due to the structural and aromatic complexity they give to the wines.

As for the zonification, it has the following characteristics:

In the low area, between 350 and 450 metres above sea level, we find brownish-grey limestone soils and “garnachas” both in the traditional goblet formation and on trellises. The area includes the vineyards of Magallon, Pozuelo de Aragon, etc and it is here where the grape matures the earliest. Its wines are warm, powerful and very aromatic.

The middle area is characterised for having the vineyards with the largest concentration and density.
It includes the vineyards situated between 450 and 550 metres above sea level. Here there are soils from the terraces of the “La Huecha” river, a tributary of the Ebro River and all the soils are stony and ferrous-clay. The vineyards of Ainzon, Borja, Fuendejalon… are located there in a relief with gentle slopes and good exposure to the sun. Its wines are very complex, intense, structured and fleshy.

The high area of the D.O, whose vineyards spread out from 550 to 700 metres above sea level, corresponds to the foothills of the Moncayo mountain. They correspond to the vineyards situated in the areas of Alta de Ainzon and Fuendejalon, and also the municipalities of Tabuena, El Buste and Vera. Its wines are fine, subtle and elegant.

This diversity of microclimates and soils enriches the nuances of the impressive “Garnacha” vine-growing assets of our land and enables us to call CAMPO DE BORJA, THE EMPIRE OF GARNACHA.

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